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History of SPA | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-08-18 15:05:29
outdoor massage spa.
The bath was originally mainly used for cleaning and hygiene. Then it gradually evolved into a culture of therapy, exercise and profit. Nobody knows exactly where the word "SPA" comes from, but there are two main theories. First, most people assume that the word "spa" is an acronym for the Latin phrase "salutem per aquam", which means "health through water". Second, some people think the word spa comes from a spa in a small town in Belgium famous for its hot springs. Locals use the hot springs to treat illnesses and relieve pain.

In the 18th century, SPA baths became popular among European nobles. It became a place where nobles could vacation and exercise.

In the 19th century, SPA was not only popular among nobles, but also popular in the daily lives of other commoners. Doctors from Britain, France, Germany and Italy began to advocate the Spa concept.

In the 20th century, the global travel and tourism industry began to develop, and some European countries began to combine hot springs with scenic spots to attract customers.

Now people are so busy that they don't have time to travel and relax. Therefore, hot tubs are becoming more and more popular. Because people's drinking ability is gradually improving, the pursuit of quality of life is also improving. People like to relax after work and recover their tired emotions. For this reason, some people like to have a hot tub in their house and enjoy a massage. They can also buy a bigger tub and invite friends over for a little hot tub party on the weekend. It has become a trend in people's lives.
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