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FAQ about hot tub VI | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-07-04 14:41:18
  1. What is the Hot Tub Manufacturing Process?
Hot tub manufacturing has many stages. The professionals and workers of JOYEE Spa observe every stage with great care to deliver high-quality spa.
Here is a complete main process of spa manufacturing.
Acrylic sheet cutting
Vacuum forming
Fibreglass Reinforcing
Foaming insulation
Steel frame installation
Drilling jet hole
Assembling and Plumbing
Ist Water testing
Skirt making
2nd Water testing
Order delivery
  1. What is the Best Base of Spa?
The new hot tubers have this question of what is the best base of a spa.
The simple answer to this query is that the concrete surface is the best base for a spa because it is a long-lasting material.
The base should be in good condition.  However, you can get a customized one for your spa.
  1. The difference Between a Hot Tub and Swim Spa?
New buyers want to know the difference between the hot tub and swim spa. The clear distinction between the two is the use and location of installation.
The spa has all the qualities of the spa; moreover, spa is an in-ground structure; however, it is portable with all the built-in accessories.
  1. What is the Life Expectancy of a Massage Pool?
If you plan to buy a spa, you may have this question: is it worth buying? What will be the life expectancy of the spa?
The answer to this question depends on the quality of the spa. However, a high-quality spa could last around 15-20 years or more.
  1. Should a Bathtub be Under Roof?
The team of JOYEE HOT TUB suggests you keep your hot tub or spa under a roof. The roof over a spa will save it from the sun and weather.
Besides the weather effects, the roof will protect the water evaporation that will save energy and minimize the spa cost.
  1. What is the Cost to Run an Inflatable Outdoor Tub?
The cost of running an inflatable hot tub depends on various factors such as;
The price of electricity in your country.
The size of your inflatable spa.
The frequency of using.
The number of people using an inflatable spa.
The design.
Weather conditions of your area.
However, JOYEE Spa’s team estimated the amount of electricity consumption of an inflatable spa. Heating and pump system use 1KW to 1.5KW, jet and bubble system use 1.5KW.
Most of the inflatable spas consume energy on the rate mentioned above.
  1. How Long Can a Hot Tub Stay Empty?
If you are going on vacation or plan not to not to use it for 2 weeks or more than 2 weeks. You can drain it and turn it off.
However, if you frequently use it, China JOYEE Spa’s team suggests you not turn off the spa too often.
  1. Do You Leave Deluxe Spa On All the Time?
Most of the new hot tubers ask that if they should keep the spa on all the time. Yes, JOYEE Spa’s team suggests you keep your spa on all the time.
They are designed to be turned on all the time, and that’s how they work best. However, you can drain them regularly but keep them on round the clock.
  1. Things to Avoid During a Hot Tub Session
Hot Tubs offer you various options for pleasure and relaxation. However, you should avoid the following things during the spa session.
Avoid applying lotion or oil on your body before going into the spa.
Avoid the use of alcohol during a spa session.
Do not use the spa after taking the medicines that could cause drowsiness.
You must tie your long hair before going into the spa. Otherwise, hair might get caught into the filter or drain.
  1. How to Transport Massage Pool?
If you want to transport your spa from one place to another. Follow the following steps;
Drain and clean it properly.
Secure and get it wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic foil.
Place the sideways of the tub on the central pallet.
Fix it with straps.
It would be better if you separately pack all accessories.
Pack the accessories in a plastic bag, put the bag in a box and seal it.

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